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Renesme Cullen
18 January 2015 @ 11:06 pm
Leave me one!
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Renesme Cullen
18 January 2015 @ 11:04 pm
Love the way I play Nessie? Hate it? Got suggestions to make her better? Leave it all here. Anon on, IP logging off.
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Renesme Cullen
05 September 2010 @ 06:20 pm
Jacob! I want to go cliff diving. Daddy said no.
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Renesme Cullen
18 January 2010 @ 12:58 pm
**Head canon history for Renesmee Cullen**

Canon leaves off when Nessie is approximately a very mature five year old. We know she’s immortal and that she will come to full maturity in about six and a half years. This means she will stop growing and will appear to be a 17 year old girl forever. We also know that Jacob Black has imprinted on her and his love for her will eventually grow to something romantic as will hers. We also know from the canon interactions between Nessie and her family that they are extremely protective of her. It is imperative to their existence that what the family is and what Nessie is remains secret. However, because of the nature of Jacob’s relationship with Nessie and the fact that he is the alpha of a wolf pack, it is also necessary that the Cullens stay in Forks.

With this in mind, the history I have developed for Renesemee keeps the family in Forks, Washington. The Cullens gradually become more reclusive with their extended time in Forks. Various members of the family such as Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper occasionally go ‘off to college’ to support the idea that the ‘kids’ are of college age. Nessie is problematic. She cannot go into Forks often because of her rapid growth. She never appears to be the same age for long. With this in mind, the Cullens home school her. Between Edward and Carlisle alone, they’ve got multiple medical degrees. Jasper was in the Civil War and Bella is a classical literature aficionado. With their various talents and interests, the Cullens have an entire school curriculum covered and it’s important to most of the Cullens (Emmett being the exception) that Nessie receive a well rounded education as well as have a regular schedule.

Renesmee does get out of the house. She has Jacob to take her to La Push, Port Angeles and Seattle during the daytime. At night she goes on hunting trips with the entire family. Nessie actually dislikes hunting a great deal. The hunting part is fun but she doesn’t like the way animal blood tastes, preferring human blood or Jacob’s blood. Carlisle keeps a small supply of human blood at the house but the Cullens insist she stick to the ‘vegetarian’ lifestyle they’ve adopted. Occasionally Jacob indulges her, usually accompanied by glares and a lecture from Edward—which probably only makes him more inclined to indulge her. Jacob can usually entice her to hunt by making it a competition; who can bring down the bigger prey, her or him.

Nessie is very lucky that the people in La Push (the Quileute Indian reservation near Forks) operate in deep denial. If they don’t pay any extra attention to normal teenage boys doubling and tripling in height within months whom run around half naked even in the snow, they’re not going to pay much attention to a little girl that’s growing faster than she should. For the most part, as long as she’s with Jacob, Nessie has free run of La Push. She knows all the wolves there, Sue Clearwater and Billy so she’s got friends outside her family. At one time she played often with Claire, Quil’s imprinted who is a toddler in Breaking Dawn, but Nessie quickly outgrew the desire to play dolls and have tea parties. She prefers running through the woods, climbing in trees and playing hide and go seek. Emmett, Jasper and Jacob built Nessie a tree house when she was young and Esme decorated it. It was a bit like the penthouse of tree houses by the time it was finished. It’s Nessie’s quiet place and a spot she spends time in even when she’s technically too old for tree houses.

Occasionally the Cullens travel. In the end of Breaking Dawn, Bella promised that they’d go to the Amazon to see Zarfina, one of the vampires that Nessie got along particularly well with. The Cullens also own a private island off of Rio. Carlisle in particular wanted Nessie to see different places in the world. Traveling is problematic for the Cullens because of the sunlight but not impossible. London was a favorite place to visit. Jacob almost always went on these trips with them.
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Renesme Cullen
15 January 2010 @ 09:16 pm
Aren't you such a catchCollapse )
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